Smoke a boneless turkey breast

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Anytime you can fire up the grill is a good day! Try our Smoked Chicken Wings! Smoked turkey breast is a rather easy endeavor. The basics are very simple.

Smoked Boneless Turkey Breast Recipe

Smoked Honey-Glazed Turkey Breast Recipe

I just got my smoker three weeks ago and have read a lot online. To tell you the truth, play with it. I am learning that. I have smoked ribs, chicken and now turkey breast and I have found that to degrees works for me and does not take the time that a lot of people say. So far ribs and chicken two and half hours. A seven pound turkey breast took three and half hours. I don't know for sure how much the breast weighed, but my estimate is that it was between 7 and 8 pounds.

Smoking a Turkey Breast In An Electric Smoker

When you smoke a turkey breast in an electric smoker , especially if it's a vertical electric water smoker, the smoker needs to be set up a little different than usual. Turkey breasts cook well at a higher temperature. The reason is that turkeys and other poultry don't have tough connective tissue and fat-laced meat like beef and pork. Connective tissues and fat require low and slow cooking in order to break down, and that takes heat and time to accomplish. Also, the skin browns and looks more appealing.
Have you ever had smoked turkey breast? Add a tablespoon of your favorite bbq rub to the water, and then bring it to a boil. I use a rub that is low in salt.

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