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Added: 05.02.2021
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I'm here waving at you this weekend because we're hoping to recruit more supporters and continue our journey away from ads. It's funny at first then it rapidly gets old. The back ground pictures are all at least OKAY until the guy shows up and it just gets lame. Just my opinion though. Not sure if this hot garbage is supposed to be a joke, if so and the fact that it isn't clear whether it actually is a joke or not should inform one of the quality of said joke. Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor.

50 Funny Sex Stories That'll Make You LOL

50 Funny Sex Stories From Women - Most Embarrassing Moments In Bed

The kid who asked why this woman was reading Poop magazine: My son just asked me why this lady is reading Poop magazine. I'm so proud. The little comedian who did this: Shopping with kids. The kid who is basically rocket-powered: This kid on a longboard using a leaf blower to go fast is now my personal hero from funny. The kid who — bless him — found "stickers" in the bathroom: My son found some "stickers" in the bathroom from funny. And the kid who made kicking back into an art form: Saw this kid chilling at Costco today from funny. The boy who is Captain Literal: My son is one "those" kids.

Adult Jokes

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. Unfortunately, for most of us, that means we only have one chance to win over someone cute at a party, chat up a classmate, or impress that new co-worker. The good news? There's a better way to break the ice than asking, "so, what do you do? He sent in 10 different puns, in the hope that at least one of the puns would win.
Why would anyone want to make a blonde joke anyway? Ask any blonde you know, it is believed that blonde jokes were invented by brunettes, jealous of Marilyn Monroe getting to have sex with JFK. Q: What about the blonde who gave birth to twins? A: Her husband is out looking for the other man. Q: Did you hear about the dead blonde in the closet?

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